Welcome to my new website, it was time for a change! Things are rocking here in Los Angeles. Construction on the new studio in Marina Del Rey is ALMOST DONE!  I'm currently scoring a wonderful documentary called "Dying To Know" which traces the friendship and impact of Timothy Leary and Ram Dass. This past year I worked with "ON THE PATH"; an iPad music education application, which features lessons by  Jackson Browne, Scott Tenant, Richard Thompson, Eric Johnson, Roscoe Beck, Robben Ford and 4 of my intro to guitar lessons. I recently composed music for the ballet "Shadows & Light", choreographed by NYC Ballet's Zippora Karz. I'm having a blast with my new band, NIGHT TRAIN MUSIC CLUB, our special guests have included Vonda Shepard, Albert Lee David Pack and David Crosby, and I've begun recording my new CD ... so no excuses, time to get busy. This past year I've been working with ALBION AMPS & JARRELL GUITARS, both helping me get killer tones. Grateful for all my friends and musical comrades, a colorful group of intentional and talented misfits. Thanks for visiting my site, hope to see you soon.

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